Killa Beat Maker

Hailing from Medellin, Colombia, Killabeatmaker is a Global Bass DJ/Producer, audio engineer, singer and songwriter; a multifaceted artist that you will hear from in the near future.

Drawing inspiration from his Afro-Colombian and indigenous roots, Killabeatmaker efficiently mixes traditional sounds and rhythms from Latin America with urban rhythms and raw music.

His musical creations have to do with the diversity and luxury of Colombian nature, how it is in danger and how we must protect it. A vibrant tribute to the people and cultures of his country, packed with global prog jungle music, Nigerian music influences and charming female vocals.

On stage, Killabeatmaker is a dynamic artist who infuses vocal, freestyle, beatboxing and live performance skills.

Following their very promising debut EP “Fauna”, released in June 2019, thanks to their active social media presence and ability to provide quality content on a regular basis, Killabeatmaker’s charisma and contagious energy have immediately won over fans. public, bringing together a significant number of fans worldwide, who are eager to hear and see their new creations.

Although his solo project is only emerging, he has already performed more than 80 shows in Colombia, Brazil and in 11 different European countries, including Sziget Festival (HU), SIM Sao Paulo (BR), Helsinki Festival (FI), Musicbox Lisboa (PT ), Le Chinois (FR), Kaustinen Music Festival (FI), Music Week (CO), Shock Fest (CO), CrossClub (CZ), Fania Live (AT), Santísimo Agave Barcelona (ES) and La Regla ( FROM).


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